4 Reasons I Still Use Paper Cookbooks

Photo Credit Used under a C.C. licsence
This is not actually my kitchen– sometimes mine is much worse. Photo Credit Used under a CC license

Even though I’ve mainly converted to ebooks, I still use paper cookbooks.

Since I am known as a lover of ebooks and all things tech, why?

1. I am perhaps the world’s messiest cook (think of the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show, except much much worse). Consequently tablets and smartphones and laptops come to a sticky end in my kitchen. At the very least they are pelted with flying pieces of diced carrot.

2. Even when I’m being really careful of my electronics, it’s still a problem because then a bunch of my mental energy is consumed with “don’t wreck the tablet” rather than paying attention to what I am cooking . . . which leads to carbonized pine nuts and other problems.

3. I like adding my notations into the cookbooks, and the e-reading software I use isn’t great for adding notes, let alone drawings of my preferred pattern for arranging berries on top of flans.

4. I’ve found that the few cookbooks I’ve bought on ebooks tend to get neglected . . . this is tragic because at least two of them are excellent (especially the brilliant Ratio by Micheal Ruhlman. This book is great.). I may have to buy a paper copy of that.

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